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Taiko no Tatsujin Pop Tap Beat for iOS

Taiko no Tatsujin 太鼓の達 The drum game Taiko has its roots in the musical drums that are popularly played in Japan. The arcade version of the game is a 1-2 player game consisting of two large taiko drums and a large screen. Each player has his own drum and two drumsticks. This game can also be played as a single player using one of the drums. I’ve seen people who are very good at this game play both drums. There may be a setting for a game that allows a single person to play two drums at once. I never looked for anything because the menu was all in Japanese. We usually just play the basic one-on-one game. A typical game consists of three songs. Most of the songs have different levels of difficulty. in two player mode You can both choose your own difficulty level while playing the same song. game goal The drum has two parts that can be beaten with a drumstick, the main part of the drum and the outer edge of the drum. On the screen, you will see symbols moving across the screen. and when passing on the left hand side of the screen You will be drumming in a manner consistent with the symbols. A small red face means one hit in the center of the drum. and a little blue face Means you’re on the outside of the drum. The drum strikes are synchronized with the song you choose to play. There are also other variations of the symbol, such as a large red or blue face. This means that you are drumming with both sticks at once. Game version The game has been released on platforms such as Playstation, Nintendo wii, and iOS devices. Reviews of the iOS version of the game will come on the blog soon. There have been many releases in Japan with updates such as new music, etc. The game was also released once in North America as “Taiko: Drum Master” and released as a Playstation 2 game which was released. In 2004 . The nature of the game where you are playing Japanese drums made the game’s main market target to be Japan. The main mascot of the drums is Don with a red face icon and Cat with a blue face icon. In addition, other colorful face icons appear, such as yellow and red icons. But the main symbol is the red and blue face icon. There are drum-shaped products with colorful faces such as Happy Meal toys, dolls, dolls, etc. Music is a mix of J-pop, classical music, children’s songs, and songs made for use in the game only.