9S Gameplay – NieR Automata X Punishing: Gray Raven (Android/IOS)

Punishing: Gray Raven for iOS

9S Gameplay-NieR Automata X Punishing: Gray Raven (战双帕米什) (Android/IOS)’Punishing: Gray Raven’ is a 3D action mobile game with a sci-fi theme. You will become a commander and a leader. Humanity’s Last Hope – “Structures” of bionic humans to fight against the “punish” virus-infected mechanical armies. Use your judgment. Move your fingertips flexibly. Stimulate various skill movements And play a gorgeous battle at the end of World Battle Shuang Pamish X Neal Mechanical Era linked version “Zou Yuan ZanXian” online countdown! Exciting content reveals secrets first. Check out the latest information on events summarized by Celica for supervisors~ ★After 14 days of signing in. You will get S-class 9S structure link, drawing.[ชุดเด็กผู้ชาย]★Participate in Yuyuan’s “Earphone” event, can link S-class A2 structures for free.[ชุดผู้ก่อวินาศกรรม]Mysterious Exchange Office is open for a limited time and can be exchanged for Reverse Element Fragment-A2, Mysterious Flower, Saboteur Costume, etc. The “Red Ribbon Spring Pavilion” event is about to open. And you will get free music drawings.[Red Ribbon Spring Pavilion]and avatar when you reach the designated store ►► Total size: 4.71GB ► Online/Offline : Online ► Android: ► IOS: ► Niten Channel : ► Malware Channel: #GamingMobile ……… …………. ► GAME LIST: ⭕️ MMORPG GAMEPLAY: ⭕️ RPG GAMEPLAY: ⭕️ MOBA GAMEPLAY: ⭕️ TOP MOBILE GAMES: ► GAMER MOBILE SLOTS / THANK YOU SUBSCRIBE ► Apply: ►► Mail: thienthanhphuc1@gmail.com ►► Facebook: …………… ……… © Copyright by Gaming Mobile Channel ► Do not Reup.