Cobra Kai: Card Fighter (by Boss Team Games) – card fighting game for Android and iOS – gameplay.

Cobra Kai: Card Fighter for iOS

Cobra Kai: Card Fighter is a collectible card game. Part of a turn-based fighter based on the hit Netflix series Cobra Kai, choose your path and choose your dojo in this official mobile game packed with turn-based strategy and combat. A fast-paced collectible card game! Are you Cobra Kai or Miyagido? You can now step into the dojo to unlock your favorite fighters, train them and compete with your friends! Three decades after the events of the first Karate Kid™, Johnny Lawrence and Daniel La Russo has once again rekindled the All-Valley competition. In Cobra Kai: Card Fighter, you’ll be given the chance to re-open Dojos, Cobra Kai and Miyagi-Do, training your students in each fighting style. And build a roster of fighters to fight all the challengers in PvP multiplayer, fight head-to-head with friends and enemies, or play offline to sharpen your skills and improve your rank! Build decks for each fighter to develop their unique skills. Get rare cards and new moves. to make big combos And play expansion cards to transform the game in a brand new way. Cobra Kai: Card Fighter lets you control your favorite characters from the series in exciting new ways filled with non-stop action and strategy. ! Fast card battle! – Customize your deck by move type, card color, or power level. (Don’t forget the wildcards!) to discover synergies and customize your battle strategy! – Earn XP to level up your character. And help your students get a black belt! – Collect and upgrade your Dojo Cards to make them more powerful and draw EPIC COMBOS! get rid of! Build your Dojo! Will you side with Cobra Kai or team up with Miyagido? – Recruit students at your karate dojo and teach them special moves! – Fight training robots and AI to test your skills! – Battle other online players to rank up! – Compete in weekly and monthly online tournaments for honorable rewards! Hit first. Strike hard. No mercy. Download now and play the ultimate cobra experience! Follow on: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Requires: Android 6.0 + Internet Connection Required: Yes File Size: 54 Mb apk + Cache 317 Mb (obb) Google Play Free Games Download URL: iOS Games (iPhone – iPad – iPod) Touch) App Store Download URL: List of Fighting Games on Channel: Thanks for all the likes and favourites! They really help! .