DRAGON QUEST TACT – Gameplay Walkthrough – Chapter 1 all Episods

Dragon Quest Tact for iOS

Play Mobile Game DRAGON QUEST TACT Android, IOS Gamelpay Walikthrough Played By: TILLAS ⵜⵉⵍⵍⴰⵙ Befriend, train and lead your monster team to victory! Recruit colorful creatures from the legendary DRAGON QUEST series and experience vicious strategic battles! ◆ Build the ultimate monster team! Collect a list of both cuddly and terrifying monsters! Train, equip and customize them to make them your own! ◆ Defeat your enemies in battle! Manage the movements of your monsters in a pocket-sized tactical experience! The pick-and-play controls and deep tactical elements keep both experts and newcomers entertained. Study the battlefield and defeat your enemies anywhere! ◆ Every monster has a place. Monsters of every rarity and strength have a role to play! Clever players will be rewarded in Battle Road, which requires monsters of all levels. List of monsters that can be obtained for free. keep increasing It means you can add to your list without spending any money! ◆ A rich and vibrant adventure awaits long ago as evil forces lead the world of Orchesterra to the edge of destruction. The legendary hero has led a loyal group of monsters in resistance. Thanks to their courage and ingenuity. The Dark Lord was therefore sealed. bring peace to the world time passed And once again, an evil threat looms over Orchesterra – will you stand up for this mission? Directed by Yuji Horii, featuring inspirational music composed by Koichi Sugiyama and monster designs by visionary creator of the DRAGON BALL series, Akira Toriyama, DRAGON QUEST TACT takes you into A world of fantasy, magic and unforgettable monsters! Buy me a coffee ► ♥♥♥ Earn BTC (Bitcoin) ► ♥♥ ♦ Buy cheap games: ♥ #DRAGONQUESTTACT #Androidgame #Iosgames