Punishing: Gray Raven (EN) (iOS / Android) Gameplay

Punishing: Gray Raven for iOS

Punishing: Gray Raven (EN) (iOS / Android) Gameplay ★★★★☆ Graphics ★★★★★ 📲 Android 📲 iOS 🎮 Size 2.21 GB 🎮 Description Punishing: Gray Raven is an Action-RPG with Super fast style . Humans are almost extinct. Earth has been taken over by an army of robots—victims—twisted and distorted by a biomechanical virus known as The Punishing. The last survivor has escaped into orbit on the Babylonian space station. After years of preparation Gray Raven Special Forces lead a mission to reclaim the lost homeland. you are their leader As the commander of Gray Raven, you are tasked with gathering the greatest cyborg soldiers the world has known and leading them into battle. Uncover the dark truth behind the Punishing Virus, Drive Corrupted and Save the World in this stylish Action-RPG. Fast and fast fighting action Immerse yourself in high-speed, stylish battles. Directly control your team members in real-time 3D battles. Tag between your team members during battles. Control each character’s special moves, dodge, dodge and freeze enemies with fast combos. Then crush your enemies with your strongest techniques through an intuitive match-3 ability system. A post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic Dive into a broken world and reveal the truth behind this dark cyberpunk scene. It is told in dozens of chapters in graphic novel style. The world is a beautiful and bleak world with many wonderful things to see. Courage may unlock hidden chapters. Lets you experience the story from a much darker perspective. Explore the destroyed world Explore many amazing environments. From abandoned city streets to war zones in the desert. towering large structure and an abstract virtual realm. Battle Corrupted into the fierce polar battles and beyond the gravity of the Earth in an ever-expanding cinematic story. amazing human back style Flesh and blood were not enough to fight the doom. So the soldiers became something more than that. Known as Constructs, they are the human mind that encapsulates a powerful mechanical body. Hire many of these living weapons to fight hundreds of enemy types. All with detail and animation in full 3D. attack on listeners Dance across the battlefield in the Symphony of Destruction. coupled with the rhythm of the amazing soundtrack From atmospheric tracks to punchy drums and bass, Punishing: Gray Raven is a game that is as good as it is for the eye, making a home on the battlefield. release from cruelty Let the cute characters and cozy dorms alleviate your pressure perfectly. Decorate each dorm room with a variety of themes. Soak up the peace you fight for 💌 Contact Instagram Twitter email gamingchannelreborn@gmail.com 💌 For licensing and paid promotions contact email gamingchannelreborn@gmail.com #gamingchannelreborn #williamtohalim #punishinggreyraven #gachareborn #gamingchannel #gacha #androidgame #iosgame #pcgame