WORLD OF DEMONS – Chapter 1 – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 (iOS Android)

World of Demons for iOS

Playlist – ✔️What I Use To Save✔️ Business Email: Discord – Twitter – World of Demons is a high quality hack-and-slash action RPG with combat. With fluidity and interactivity that surpasses anything else in this category . Players will experience intense sword fighting in both single-player and multiplayer game modes. As they fight to free ancient Japan from hordes of demons, the World of Demons story takes place in a brilliant interpretation of medieval Japan, where Oni (devils) have taken over the previously tamed Yokai human world. (Monster from Japanese folklore) takes damage from Oni and starts attacking humans as well. Only the bravest samurai dared to stand up against Oni’s threats… intense samurai action. Step into the shoes of several powerful samurai as you experience the world-class combat of World of Demons. Directly control your character and slash, dodge, parry, and final moves. Summon Yokai minions to support you in battle with elemental buffs, attack spells, and support techniques. Use every tool to defeat giant bosses and demon Oni minions. Multiple game modes. Show off your skills and upgrades in a variety of game modes that cater to all types of players and earn unique and interesting rewards from each mode. Defeat the Oni Masters and save the world in the skirmish story mode. Choose your strongest upgraded Yokai Minions and battle other players to climb the ranks. In the Yokai Showdown Tournament mode, when you’re ready, choose another player’s Samurai to join you in battle against the game’s strongest bosses in the co-op Samurai Stronghold mode. MULTIPLE UPGRADES AND CUSTOMIZATION World of Demons offers deep upgrades and customizations for each Samurai player’s character and the weapons they use. get more health better attack Additional sword skills and character-exclusive movement and evasion by crafting new and better weapons. and use it to gain experience from enemies. Additionally, you can earn, train, and upgrade the entire roster of Yokai Minions that boost your main stats. As well as having special powers unique to each Yokai, these Yokai upgrades will increase the potential of their powers. This gives you better attack and support options on the battlefield. Including unlocking specific relationships to increase your chances of fighting the most powerful foes .