A Legend of Zelda Inspired Crafting Pixel Art Game | OCEAN'S HEART

Ocean’s Heart for PC

Like Ocean’s Heart? Get it on Steam: Get it on GOG: Ocean’s Heart is an epic top-down action RPG where you explore a beautiful archipelago as a young woman named Tilia contracts to fight monsters. Dive deep into the ancient dungeons. Overcome threatening enemies and solve Ocean’s Heart puzzles, all done in beautiful and vivid pixel style. Inspired by the Zelda franchise, Hollow Knight, The Witcher, and even Dark Souls, Ocean’s Heart offers tons of secondary quests and secrets to discover. interesting story smart humor but family friendly and delightful pixel art graphics. Shout out to Nordcurrent for supporting this video! ——— My Tip Jar: Chat With Me: Gameplay Channel Updates: Subscribe For more Ocean’s Heart: #oceansheart #oceansheartgame .