GRIME | All Weapon Locations


Hello Hoomans, the cat is here. Wow, this game has a lot of weapons for us to hunt. Here are instructions for the location of each weapon. I’m working on this guide late in the game. but for the benefit of the guide I’m trying to make running as straight as possible. If there is a weapon you can’t access because you haven’t unlocked the ability to get it. Let’s skip ahead. Because there is only one unmissable weapon, the Servant Needle, this video is missing one weapon, the Tooth Hammer, which was unavailable at the time of making this video. Hammer Slash is in the Feaster’s Cave above the Owl Merchant’s location. Here’s the link for Tooth Hammer if this video helped you in any way. Please subscribe to our channel. Because it helps us to make better video game guides for you guys. Thank you very much! Timestamp of all weapon locations: Maul Ax: 0:00 Finger Blade & Nail Scythe: 1:14 Twin Fangs: 3:18 Bellow Mace: 4:09 Broken Yr Sword & Yr Glaive: 4:50 Fossil Fist: 5:58 Unformed Slab & Burst Lantern: 6:37 Pillar Slab: 7:57 Obelisk Fist: 9:02 Claw, Maul Sword, Bone Grinder, Nail Scythe, Attuning Lantern: 10:14 Servant Needle: 11:20 Abandoned Equipment, Carven Greatsword, Rawblade: 12:16 Wisp Lantern: 14:55 Jaw Ax: 16:00 Bloodmetal Scythe: 17:00 Face Slasher: 18:20 Curved Glaive: 18:51 Chisel Nails: 19:43 Shapely Greatsword: 21:14 Centipede Whip: 22: 33 Shaper: 23:40 .