HoI4: Old World Blues | Caesar's Legion – Part 3

Old World for PC

The mod “Old World Blues” is the best translation of the Fallout universe, a grand strategy to date. In this featured series we will play as “Caesar’s Army”, a brutal totalitarian state obsessed with the cult of Mars. Can we crush the democratic new California Republic and spread Caesar’s rule across the wasteland? If you liked this video, try hitting the Like button! Help your channel grow by impacting search results on YouTube. Want to try Old World Blues for yourself? Check out the link below: Sign Up Today ► Join the Fan Discord Channel! You can support me on Patreon! No copyright infringement intended. Copyright Hearts of Iron 4 belongs to their respective owners. This includes but is not limited to Paradox Interactive. I do not make games. (or property) and does not claim I claim rights to the gameplay recording and related commentary. Music Credits: “Shake Down” by Gavin Luke, provided by Epidemic Sound (.