Jupiter Hell 0.9.10: Medusa! – Update Spotlight

Jupiter Hell for PC

Jupiter Hell Update Spotlight – 0.9.10 “MEDUSA!” Full Changelog: Jupiter Hell 0.9.10 “Medusa” Now Available! The highlight of this release is the enemy of the same name. The cannon that everyone has been waiting for Melee armament and railgun amps, UI and FX improvements, repeating AV stunts on the production station. new message mission Feature upgrade and many more! About Jupiter Hell: Located on Jupiter’s moon. The game will penetrate the isolated marines area to fight the overwhelming demonic forces. Players will tear and shred zombies, demons, and unspeakable monsters. Using classic weapons such as shotguns, shotguns, railguns and reliable chainsaws. Sound familiar? It should be! Jupiter Hell is the spiritual successor to 2002’s freeware roguelike phenomenon – Doom, Roguelike, which was later renamed DRL for obvious licensing reasons. Powered by the custom built Nova Engine. This game uses the classic turn-based roguelike gameplay. And put into a detailed and dynamic 3D sci-fi environment, Jupiter Hell stays true to the core feature of roguelikes: procedural level building. Provides endless possibilities for running again. infiltration of the character and a brutal but fair level of difficulty the player must die learn from mistakes and continue to create new things in the new play Now available in Early Access on Steam and GOG Full release date: August 5, 2021 Developer: ChaosForge Publisher: Hyperstrange Steam: Jupiter Hell and ChaosForge logo (c) ChaosForge sp. z oo Hyperstrange logo (c) Hyperstrange sp. . z oo Connect on Twitter: Follow our publisher profile on Steam: .