Let's Play Jupiter Hell – PC Gameplay Part 2 – Frag Out!

Jupiter Hell for PC

Jupiter Hell is a classic turn-based roguelike set in the ’90s sci-fi universe, set on the moons of Jupiter. The game takes a lonely space marine against an overwhelming demonic force. Tear and tear zombies, demons and unspeakable monsters. Using classic weapons such as shotguns, shotguns, railguns and reliable chainsaws. All for the shine of a CRT monitor and heavy metal refinement! Tactical turn-based combat with real-time responses. Benefit from a classic roguelike reversal with a sensitivity to modern shooters. The controls are instant and accessible while retaining the depth of the back-end of a turn-based RPG. Meaningful RPG progression Customize your character with new weapons, items, and abilities as you progress through the prone to destruction. Beat the game to unlock harder challenges rather than grinding to make the game easier. Random levels are set across Jupiter Blast’s orbit through procedurally generated civilian sectors. military space base and a mining colony on Jupiter’s violent moon. Every play you will find a new way. To experience familiar settings The original roguelike shooter Jupiter Hell was created by ChaosForge, a top-down team. Universe roguelike since 2002 Get Jupiter Hell on Steam: _ Outro Music: Braincooler – Mega Man X Chill Penguin Stage Remix By Rozovian – Support me on Patreon: My Twitter: Watch me LIVE: .