Ocean Colour Scene – The Day We Caught The Train

Ocean’s Heart for PC

“The Day We Caught The Train” is a 1996 hit song by Britpop Ocean Color Scene Subscribe: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Lyrics: I never saw it in the beginning. It’s a change of heart. rap on the window blowing the chimney Blowing dust in the room where I forgot I laid The plan is rock solid. Stepping through the door like a singer only an hour away Looking at the trees along the road feels like a holiday. You and I should ride along the coast and put on our favorite coats just a few miles away. Roll the numbers, write another song like Jimmy heard the day he got on the train. He sipped rum and coke and told dirty jokes, walking like Groucho sucking on the number 10, rolling on the floor with a burning cigarette walking in. I will miss my likes and go home again. Step through the door with the night in the shop. while just an hour away Stepping into the starry sky gives the impression that today is a bright day. You and I should ride on the railroad tracks. and found himself wading into tomorrow And you and me when we go down we just come back And you know I don’t feel sad When you find that things start to go crazy You don’t need a day like this.