OCEAN MONUMENT – Alex and Steve Life (Minecraft Animation)

Ocean’s Heart for PC

One day Alex and Steve went fishing when they were drowned. Alex got a trident But when it comes She began to see visions of mystical beings called Guardians. with help Alex and Steve decide to go find the Guardians and retrieve any treasure. As it waits in the ocean, the monument goes! 🌟 HILARIOUS BLOOPERS 🎥 Behind the scenes ★ ALEX & STEVE LIFE SERIES ★ Animated by LitLThomas BUILDERS • JustinLeCrusaider • LitLThomas • Lord Of The Logs • MiquelCM • Samuel Kyber • Xx_DarthLux_xX RIGGING • CHANGALDIM 15 DADRE 🧡 _ SUPPORT US ON ______ APP. From the very beginning! – Have your name in the credits! – And many more! 💬 JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER #BlackPlasmaStudios #MinecraftAnimation #Minecraft