PSA: Don't get Scammed by these Fake Straight Razors!

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We are sick and tired of having to explain to our customers who sent straight razors for service that their hard-earned money was wasted on letter openers. “Straight razor shape”! Don’t be fooled! If you want an inexpensive straight razor that can be shaved and can be sharpened. There are great options. These Damascus Blades are not one of them!! #straight razor #shaving #shave like a grandfather Buy a vintage straight razor from eBay or an antique store. Then send it to scrub! or! Bought a Gold Dollar for shaving, which we’ve replaced the handle and polished in the house! My name is Matt Pisarcik, Founder of Razor Emporium, welcome to our channel! At Razor Emporium, we believe in encouraging men and women to practice traditional grooming using quality antique and new shaving equipment. Our business consists of three main areas: Service, Retail and Education, and our service technicians will restore, repair and enhance your valuable shaving equipment. to return to its former glory Phoenix City Center Lobby Our state of Arizona allows shavers to experience quality products before making a purchase. And our educational resources are always expanding and expanding. We hope you enjoy with us every week for new videos on shaving techniques and insider knowledge that you won’t find anywhere else. thank you for watching And please consider subscribing! SUBSCRIPTION: Shop all RAZOR EMPORIUM products Top Videos 1. Straight Razor Strop How to 2. Straight Razors Beginner Guide 3. Best Beginner DE Razor 4. DE vs Cartridge Razor 5. Try Straight Razor Shaving 6. How to Lather FOLLOW US ON OUR OTHER SOCIAL MEDIA! BLOG FACEBOOK TWITTER TUMBLR FAQ