Revisiting Skyrim's Forgotten City in 2020 (FC 1/5)

The Forgotten City for PC

If you enjoy what I do and want to help me keep making videos. Consider supporting me in patreon: this is the 6th episode in a miniseries focusing on some newer content. (which is sometimes little known) (although in this case it is not new All and well known) Skyrim Special Edition mod floating around the Nexus now presents the Forgotten City Mod for Skyrim Special Edition by The Modern Storyteller. This release is for playing the Forgotten City mod for a special edition. If you like the look of this mod and haven’t played it before. So download it and experience it for yourself before watching any video from now on. Forgotten City is one of the best quest mod. (if not the best) for skyrim and special editions! Download link here: If you like it, leave a like and comment below your thoughts or ask me to cover a specific mod! #oblivion #skyrimmods .