Skyrim SE – The Forgotten City – Ending A: Confront Metellus

The Forgotten City for PC

________________________________________________________________________________ NEW Recommendation from Skyrim’s Steam Workshop log . It’s an expansion mod lauded for providing a unique 6 – 8 hour experience: investigating a murder mystery set in an ancient underground city. You will have to solve problems using your wits and ability to travel through time. It has a dark and non-linear story. in which you will have to interrogate the suspects Explore the city and its many secrets. and explore challenging moral dilemmas. It has multiple endings. orchestral accompaniment ________________________________________________________________________________ Legal Note: Any advertisements you see in this vid are the result of Youtube’s ContentID system that flags the video and generates revenue for third parties claiming to be “fair use”. Representing the composer in the game Refer the announcement video for my thoughts on the matter. But please note that I am not making any money from this effort. ‘The Forgotten City’ is a mod by TheModernStoryteller. Available through the Steam Workshop here: More information can be found at TheModernStoryteller can be found here: Full credits for the mod are located at the end of all three ‘ends’ videos. Please see there for full credit ‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ is the property of Bethesda Game Studios © 2011-2018. I claim no ownership of any of the above. No copyright infringement intended.