Spending 24 Hours Straight in the Ocean! Surviving Hacker Escape Room Trap to Reveal Maddie's Secret

Ocean’s Heart for PC

Best friend’s new song reveals a hidden camera secret in the house! (24 hour music video challenge) Trapped in the middle of the ocean to reveal Maddie’s secret! After Rebecca Zamolo pranked Double Date with Matt with Crush! (Surprising Hacker Note Reveals New 24-Hour Challenges), Matt and Rebecca competed in the Who Knows Me Better CRUSH or Matt Challenge? It took 24 hours to reveal the missing Hacker Crush! The Real Game Master uploads Rebecca, found the secret code in the Hacker Escape Room Trap! Spent 24 hours on a clue after Battle Royale Game Master Incorporated uploaded Game Master Book of Secrets Code revealed! (Maddy disappeared after the hacker hid for the chase.) Now Matt and Rebecca, along with her cousin Maddy and the two officers, wake up to reveal that they are stranded on a medium ship. Ocean Quadrant hackers are driving boats and locking them underground. in order to escape Best friends will have to complete various challenging missions. Complete in 24 hours. The first challenge is to win the dress. And Matt had to post pictures of his homemade outfits on his Instagram. In fact, or dare to challenge, Maddie has a big secret but doesn’t want to reveal it. Do you think it might be about her first kiss with her crush on Agent R? Matt and Rebecca try not to fall into the TikTok dance competition on the boat. Rebecca’s warning is the key in Quadrant’s pocket, along with the sleep cloud’s lockbox inside. ‘They plan to stop the hack. Ger and Matt sneak up on the peanut butter gift and bring the box along with the key. After they gave him the lie detector ingredients. The quadrant quickly fell asleep. Matt sneaks onto the roof and uncovers the mysterious paper. There’s a picture of him up there with the $10,000 prize he wants right now. Was Matt framed in real life? Thank you for watching my entertaining mystery video blog in 2020! ▶Join the Game Master Network! ▶ Get ZamFam Goods! Find Rebecca Samolo! Instagram Twitter Facebook TikTok awesome video! GIRLS VS BOYS || Real Differences and Funny Situations by 123 GO! Lucas and Marcus – Dating Strangers 24 Hours! Morgz – I’ve been hiding my crush into my house for 24 hours… *catch* 5 min crafts – 24 school hacks you want to know soon WooHoo – 22 fun challenges for friends. yours! Let’s repeat the challenge! .