Story of Seasons Trio of Towns DLC Woofio Light Green Event: OCEAN WEDDING ~ Let's Play/Walkthrough

Ocean’s Heart for PC

Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns DLC “New Neighbors Pack” ~ Woofio Light Green Flower Event “Magic Makes the Man” ~ 40,000 Friendship Points Woofio’s Marriage “Private Wedding Ceremony” Story of the Season: TRIO OF TOWNS (3DS) ► Story OF SEASONS (3DS) ► SUBSCRIBE TODAY ► SUPPORT ME ON TAD (FREE!) ► FOLLOW ME ON TWITCH FOR LIVESTREAMS ► LET’S PLAY MORE: SAVVY FASHION FORWARD STYLE (3DS) ► POKEMON SUN (3DS) ► ANIMAL CROSSING : NEW LEAF 3DS) ► STARDEW VALLEY 1.1 UPDATE (PC) ► SHANTAE: HALF-GENIE HERO (PS4) ► BACK POPOLOCROIS (3DS) ► DISHONORED 2 (XBOX ONE) ► BIOSHOCK HD COLLECTION (XBOX ONE) ► KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 ( PS4)► TELLTALE’S BATMAN (PC) ► DISNEY MAGICAL WORLD 2 (3DS) ► COOPERATION ► PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY (DS) ► LIFE IS STRANGE (PC) ► SLIME RANCHER (PC) ► BEHOLDER (PC)► NOW I Become a cursed partner! If you are interested in being one You can use my referral link ► ♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦••♦•♦•♦•♦ •♦•♦•♦♦•♦♦ •♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦♦♦•♦•♦•♦ ☼KITA NASH ON SOCIAL MEDIA ☼ TWITTER ► FACEBOOK ► INSTAGRAM ► TUMBLR ► ♦ •♦•♦•♦• ♦••♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦•♦••♦♦♦♦•♦•♦•♦•♦• ♦•♦•♦• ♦•♦♦•♦•♦•♦ Story of Seasons: Trio of Towns (known in Japan as Bokujō Monogatari: Mittsu no Sato no Taisetsuna Tomodachi) is a farming simulator developed and published by Marvelous for the Nintendo. Tendo 3DS. is a sequel to the first Story of Seasons. The game is the latest and true Harvest Moon game, although it cannot be called because Natsume owns the rights to the title “Harvest Moon” in the US in the game. You’ll visit three different towns, each representing a different culture and way of life. Lulucoco Town is a tropical town with beaches and ruins to explore. Tsuyukusa Village is an Asian-influenced town. With a beautiful river and arched bridges, West Town is a western-influenced mining town. Kita Cartoon Artwork by Echoii ► Music from Epidemic Sound ► .