The Forgotten City – Gameplay Interview | Summer of Gaming 2020

The Forgotten City for PC

The Forgotten City is a brand new standalone narrative adventure game set in ancient Rome. Based on the award-winning mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, lead author Nick Pearce introduces us to what’s new and different in this standalone game. and share advice for modders looking to break into full game development, one of the most successful Skyrim mods. The mystery of this time travel draws players to a legendary city during the time of the Roman Empire. Dedicated to history and presents the surroundings. costume and historically accurate characters Storytelling is centered on unsolved mysteries. Players are tasked with solving through exploring and investigating this fascinating forgotten city. This standalone game, The Forgotten City features new twists and turns, along with other exciting features as: As you can see from the Forgotten City trailer, it allows creators to tell the story they’ve always wanted to tell. The Forgotten City gameplay is at the heart of this Roman puzzle RPG, with character dialogue, exploration and storytelling. A breakdown that affects each player’s experience. The Forgotten City brings award-winning storytelling and ancient Roman mysteries to the RPG genre. Thanks for watching IGN’s Summer of Gaming! Be sure to stay tuned with SoG as our editorial team shares hands-on demos. Game play example (including Xbox Series X gameplay and PS5 gameplay) Developer Interview And the presentation of the publisher – and all this will happen in a live broadcast! Throughout June, IGN will feature new games, Xbox News 2020, and PS5 news. Summer of Gaming will also feature news about upcoming games. Games released in 2020 for Playstion 5 and Xbox Series X, and exclusive gameplay footage, too. Check out more Summer of Gaming here! #addicted to #ignsummerofgaming .