The Forgotten City for PC

The Forgotten City Gameplay Walkthrough Chapter 6 – Beginning of the first hour or so of Forgotten City Steam Link – The Forgotten City is a mystery adventure game of exploration and deduction. And it’s a re-imagining of the highly acclaimed mod that won a National Writers Guild award. Awarded and downloaded over 3 million times, travel 2,000 years ago and relive the last days of the cursed Roman city. where if someone sins everyone will die Fighting is an option. But only violence can get you that far. by questioning the intertwined community of colorful characters. Taking advantage of the time wisely And only difficult moral choices can you hope to solve this great mystery. Here your decisions matter. The fate of the city is in your hands. Explore an open-air ancient Roman city with art, architecture, costumes. and historical traditions Explore non-linear mysteries with multiple endings. Get entangled in the lives of characters with deep and thorough interactions. Battling moral issues with life and consequences, play as whoever you want by choosing your gender, origins, and story behind the characters. Solve problems with reason, glamour, bribery, intimidation, violence or by smart timing ► Subscribe now – ► Become a Member – ► My Settings – ► Streaming or Video Starter Pack – Follow Me ►Twitter – ►Instagram – ►Facebook – My Products – .