The Witcher: Old World – first look at a 2-player GAMEPLAY

Old World for PC

Sign up for Kickstarter and get notified on launch day ➤ Important note: The graphic design and components shown in the video are prototypes and may look different in the final version of the game. PREVIOUS VIDEO ➤ Follow us on FB ➤ Game Description: The Witcher: Old World is a competitive board adventure that takes players into a monster-filled realm full of mystical magic, dark secrets and Dangerous places to discover Based on the fan-favorite The Witcher universe, set years before the saga of Geralt of Rivia, the game explores a time when monsters roam a vast continent — an ongoing peril that demands the attention of a monster slayer who has earned it. well trained Also known as witches… five competing witch schools trained their masters through a brutal regime. and when fully prepared The now-known witches set out to explore the land, seeking trouble, adventure and helping others to earn money. Game Description: The Witcher: Old World sees 2 to 5 players traveling through a vast map. Start an expertly written mission. Confront and make ambiguous moral choices. fight monsters And sometimes quarrel with other witches to protect the honor of the school! The game lets players create their own unique deck of cards choosing from a variety of abilities: attack, evasion, and witchcraft battle spells – known as Signs. Players aim to perform powerful combos as they use the witch school’s unique abilities to their full potential. Missions, battles and even poker dice will help each player earn money. get new items and practice their skills Become the strongest witch on the continent. A great adventure awaits!