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Cyber Shadow (PS4) – Gameplay – Primeiros 19 Minutos – Legendado PT-BR – Cyber Shadow for PS4


Cyber Shadow (PS4) – Gameplay – Primeiros 19 Minutos – Legendado PT-BR

Cyber Shadow for PS4

Check Out Cyber ​​Shadow Gameplay #CyberShadow The world is dominated by the evil Dr. Progen and his ruthless synthetic army. Shadow, the sole survivor of his clan. Desperately received a call for help. By embarking on a final quest to unravel what began a path of eternal destruction, your comrade, L-Gion, will guide you through the ruins of Mecapolis. Shadow will protect his clan and his loved ones from afar. How much? Is your connection stronger than it seems? Only you can discover the secrets of the ancient powers of the clan. Hurry before time runs out! Walk the path of redemption in Cyber ​​Shadow, the essence of ninja action. Features: – Experience the perfect ninja platformer action to shinobi levels! Soar into the depths of Mekapolis by running, jumping and cutting, exploring a cramped factory. damaged research lab Fortified coastline vast landscape and many more! – Dr. Progen’s army relentlessly pursues all life forms. Thanks to the lost spirit energy of the ninja clan. As the only survivor in this group You have to defeat dozens of apocalyptic bosses. From gigantic war machines to synthetic versions of your clan rivals – save the clan to unlock permanent and ninja abilities. Attack from a distance with shuriken and kunai. Or get close with double jumping, transversal and wall sliding techniques. Reach your true potential by summoning flames, deploying attacks, parrying and more – a captivating story told both in-game and in animation that permeates the action. Shadows return from oblivion. Traveling through Mecapolis with his days will surely be his last mission. It is unclear what happened before he met his destiny. But his group was betrayed. What is the end of the tribal chief? Who will trust when nothing is what it seems? – Authentic 8-bit images with hand-crafted sprites. Pixel-like aesthetics packed with detail and impeccable control. Modern touch with fluid animations. multi layer parallax background And advanced game design – Enrique Martin’s stunning soundtrack – supports 120Hz for reduced input latency and a smoother gaming experience. —————————————————- ————————————————- – – Do you like this channel? Leave a like and register! We offer a wide variety of playing styles. Whenever possible with subtitles and/or dubbed in Brazilian Portuguese! WEBSITE ————– TWITTER —— FACEBOOK — Want to help us stay active? Help us with our campaign at APOIA.SE! —- —- .