DISJUNCTION Gameplay | The Cyberpunk Action Stealth Game | ALPHA

Disjunction for PS4

Disjunction Game Impressions! Disjunction is a cyber stealth action RPG set in the atrocious underworld of 2048 New York. This is Disjunction First Impression ! Let’s try Disjunction! ► Disjunction is in state: ALPHA ► Disjunction is acquired by: ALPHA DEMO ► Download on Humblebundle and support the channel: ► Download Disjunction on Steam: ► Download Disjunction on Itch.io: ( No link ) ► Visit Disjunction website at: Welcome. Welcome to Who’s That Indie? Where I stepped into the game and showed 20-30 minutes of gameplay with unfiltered response from within. no rating It’s all display and gameplay ► Did you enjoy the series? Starting from the beginning: ► Check out the schedule, playlists and in-game titles here: Check out other great series of death and domination! ► Who is that indie? 2018 releases: ► Who is that indie? Series 2019: ► Undead Update Playlist: ► Patreon: ►Discord: ►Twitter: ►Twitch: ►Player.me: ►Youtube: ► Disjunction 2048 Gameplay Overview Following the arrest of the community leader at Notably, New York was in disarray. Doubts and accusations pervade the city. A poison known as ‘fragments’ has spread throughout the underworld. When the future of the city is in doubt Three hardened citizens rise to find the truth and uncover a conspiracy that threatens to change the city’s destiny. Inspired by classic technology noir, Disjunction is an intense atmospheric stealth action RPG that follows three interconnected narratives and features an interactive story where your actions have real consequences and continuously Choose your play style and use your arsenal of cutting-edge technology. Cybernetics upgrade and weapons to break through the various stages In a brutally fast battle or use a silent method Using non-destructive assassination and annihilation to leave without a trace. No one has to die… Unless you decide they have to ► Severable Gameplay Features Challenging stealth action gameplay that lets you play in a way that suits your style. Whether it’s sneaking through various checkpoints. or a one-on-one attack Three playable characters Each has its own unique abilities. Cybernetics upgrade and talent to customize your playing style. An interactive story where player choices matter. Stylish pixel art environments and characters. Atmospheric music by composer Dan Farley, avatar by Triforce-Kun@tumblr #whosthatindie #indiegames #Disjunction .