El Hijo – A Wild West Tale – Steam/PC Review (GOG, STADIA)

El Hijo: A Wild West Tale for PS4

Ole Gamer Joe reviews El Hijo – A Wild West Tale on Steam/PC! This game is also available on GOG and Stadia. A verification code was provided for the purpose of this review. #ElHijo #HonigStudios “El Hijo is a spaghetti-western stealth game that is highly addictive. excited where you will guide a 6-year-old boy in his quest for his mother.” Want to help support I Dream of Indie in our mission to bring back the voices to those who have no voice in the game? This is how you can do it! Become a member! – Buy Official I Dream of Indie Merchandise! – Use code IDOI to get a holiday discount!! Donate directly! – Steam Curator Page – Subscribe – Chat on Discord – Buy us a coffee! – Twitter – Facebook – .