The Ultimate PS4 Pro: 8TB SSD Upgrade – Can We Fix Loading Times And Texture Pop-In?

Stonefly for PS4

Between The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4, we’ve seen some great loading screens on the PS4 due to its mechanical HDD. Games like Final Fantasy 7 Remake have obvious pop-in issues with Pro’s default media inserting a Samsung QVO 870 8TB SSD – Expensive solid-state drives that are much more expensive than the PS4 Pro, but offer the best chance of solving loading and streaming problems. If switched to a standard drive, is this SSD a satisfactory upgrade? What about external use via USB? Rich Know Buy 8TB Samsung QVO SSD from Amazon UK: Right now, it looks like only 4TB model available in USA: Subscribe to Digital Foundry More: Join DF Patreon to support the team more directly and get access to everything we do through DF Patreon. Pure quality downloads: Want a t-shirt, mug, hoodie or DF brand pullover? Check out our store: .