🪐 Outriders 🎬005 Weiter geht's mit der Story im 3er Co-Op | PS5 🇩🇪

Outriders for PS5

#Outriders #Flying People I hope you enjoy the game a lot and maybe we’ll meet in the Outriders? Hello Ina alias BoC-Inaceline & Carlo alias BoC-Dread-King 🪐 Outriders Co-Op on PS5 🇩🇪 🟥⬛🟥⬛ 🟥⬛🟥⬛ WHO ARE WE: Ina: A superhero who loves to travel, charming & planning with a passion. Read books, video games, swim, summer, sunshine – passion for life Carlo: The creative, strong, and loveless co-op striker. get along with the vikings Loves protein-rich food, games and technology 🟥⬛🟥⬛🟥⬛🟥⬛🟥⬛🟥


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