Hitman 3 on PS5 PSVR w MOTION CONTROLS (Dualshock NOT Move Controllers)

Hitman 3 for PS5

Skip to minute 3 if you’re watching this on repeat. Dualshock motion controls feel unnatural! Hitman 3 has Dualshock 4 motion control in vr (not motion controller), so let’s play new Hitman 3 on PS5 in PSVR!!! Agent 47 finally made a glorious return. And we will be able to experience it directly through PSVR. Let’s do this! Become a Channel Member: Click Join Below Any Video Our First Member GalliumVR Crims0n MattzTube OfficiKingSloth-MASSIVE Supporter! LegacyVR Bagel Chris Associate Supporter Channel. (THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOU SO!!!): – MEMBER CHANNEL: CLICK JOIN BELOW ANY VIDEO -PATREON: -PAYPAL DONATIONS (ALL GO TO NEW DEVICE OR PRODUCT TO CHECK) JOIN OUR DISCORD. : Follow me on social media: Instagram.com/jaybrattvr Twitter @JaybrattVR Tik Tok JaybrattVR Thanks for watching! If you want to see mixed reality virtual reality augmented reality Or more alternatives, click Signup and Hangouts to upload daily! .