Hitman 3 [PS5] #1 | That's A TALL Building! | Let's Play

Hitman 3 for PS5

Looking forward to this! Welcome to my Hitman 3 game! Not sure how long this series will last. But I hope to have a good time with it. I hope you do too! Important information below!!! Please read!!! Twitter – Twitch – Patreon – I have stock! If you want to help continue to support the channel. Why not try to become a member? It costs just £4.99 a month and will help me immensely in creating content and improving my channel. Clicking the “Join” button will give you lots of perks like emoticons and names in thank you credits after I complete a project. Finished! This is just for those who feel they can save money and honestly, just you guys viewing my content is more than I could have hoped for! .