Hitman 3 Tutorial – How to get the Hitman 1&2 Maps in the game! (Content Transfer)

Hitman 3 for PS5

Just like Hitman 2, you can import maps you previously owned into Hitman 3 and play with all-new graphics! If you’ve owned a Hitman or Hitman 2 before, you can do it for free! If you’ve never owned a game before Access packs cost between £7 and £20 depending on how you want to play. This is recorded on the PS5, but the process is the same for all consoles. So we tell while recording “Progress Transfer” doesn’t work due to an issue with the IOI server, but we’ll have a video about it ASAP! Don’t forget to press like comment And subscribe to NGB for all the latest news, reviews and features. And visit the website at #Hitman3 #PS5 #ContentTransfer Facebook: nextgenbase Twitter: @nextgenbase Instagram: @nextgenbase_