HITMAN 3 VR Update | VR Not Available on PS5 Version!

Hitman 3 for PS5

In this video we talk about Playstation VR on HITMAN 3. Source: IOI Blog: If you missed the first trailer for HITMAN 3, you can watch it here: Thanks for watching. Please let us know in your comments below. If you want to support the channel. Consider joining as a channel member. And get a special gold killer logo beside your name in comments on videos and live streams. Just click the link or JOIN button below to become a member 🙂 or you can support the channel as a sponsor by clicking on the link and for more information about donating to me and supporting the channel: My Discord: or check the section on Channel for my latest Twitter server link: My Snapchat: mrfreeze2244 Soundtrack by: Lakey Inspired Outro Music: Urban Lullaby #Hitman3 #MrFreeze2244 #VR .