Horizon Zero Dawn (The Movie)

Where the Heart Leads for PS5

This is the story of Horizon Zero Dawn, the most popular PlayStation 4 game of 2017, cut into a movie. This video has been optimized for viewing on HDR displays using an HDR compatible YouTube player. I’ve been looking forward to making this game a movie for a long time. I’m glad the community has waited until now to vote this game as my next video game movie. Because I now have the ability to capture images in 4K and HDR, and dear God, this game deserves a treat! This is one of the few HDR content that I know uses the full 10,000 nit range in HDR. In fact, 20% of the screen captures I took during the making of this film were measured at the full 10,000 nit range! This means that while games look great on modern TVs, they are actually future proof that they will look even better with brighter TVs in the future! If some of you are not familiar with the work I do. I do my best to translate video game stories into a cinematic experience that everyone can enjoy. can enjoy whether they play video games or not. because of that goal So I did my best to try and keep the gameplay to a minimum. You need to understand the story without making any loopholes and completely remove the “game indicators” on the screen. In the case of this game That comes in the form of notifications for new locations and levels. as well as a tool panel that appears in the corners between the combat sections. Fortunately, this game allows me to disable everything else on the screen. which I can definitely take advantage of. Of course, this makes things like aiming or navigating harder. But I always look at the instructions before playing the game. At least familiar with the stage layout. and try my best to align my center The screen with the object I’m aiming for (In the future I might attach something to the screen to help with this) to remove those gameplay indicators. I use a combination of editing, cropping, and image effects. Fortunately, the game was made without a lot of VFX, just about 45 shots in the entire movie. Total about 3000 frames. This is much better than some of my projects. This required hundreds of VFX shots, but the movie still took a long time to make. Although I try to reduce gameplay wherever possible to focus on the story as much as possible. But this game is still quite a long game. On my first play, it took me 65 hours before the story ended! Of course, there’s plenty of exploration and side content to fill. But it’s still a pretty big story. So the working time is 6 hours here. Considering that I’ve started manually transcribing the subtitles of all of my movies. That’s very clear and functional when the movie is that length. Here are some good recommended stops. If the length is too much for you: 0:00:00 – Introduction 0:26:21 – Proof 1:06:19 – Out of the embrace 1:42:33 – Meridians 2:50:13 – The Metal World. 3:56:07 – Zero Dawn 4:57:31 – The Final Battle 6:00:06 – Epilogue These will appear as chapters in the video timeline above. If you like what I do and want to see more. Don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell to be notified when I upload new videos. A Youtube Premium subscription is a huge plus for all the creators you watch. If you want to support me further, I also have a Patreon page here: there, all contributors have access to the production update blog post. which i update almost every day i work on movies. providing background information about what I’ve done it where i am in the project which I expect the release date could be etc for those who want a higher level of support. I also gave access to full-quality downloads in both SDR and HDR, and even early access to my unfinished cuts! #HorizonZeroDawn #Video Games Movies #PlayStation .