I Feel The Future Of VR With Dexmo Haptic Gloves

Where the Heart Leads for PS5

These Dexmo haptic gloves from Dexta Robotics look like something out of a sci-fi movie! Dexmo’s tactile gloves feature exoskeleton to limit finger movement to feel virtual objects in virtual reality. I tried the Dexmo gloves with Valve Index and gave you an idea of ​​whether these touch gloves are the future of Virtual Reality… Order the new 128GB Oculus Quest 2 here. 01:55 – Dexmo Gloves Specs & Features 03:36 – Dexmo Gloves VR Demos 08:48 – Summary of Dexmo Gloves Learn more about Dexta Robotics here; Let us know what you think of the Dexmo Touch Gloves from Dexta Robotics in the comments below… thank you for watching []-) Subscribe here if you like the video. Become a channel supporter by becoming a channel member and gain access to exclusive member privileges. Join my VR community Discord server to chat VR with like-minded Virtual Reality enthusiasts. If you need a replacement that’s comfortable for you, standard VR headset pads, find the cool stuff from VR Cover. Facebook…… Twitter ………. Instagram ….. Email. ………. …contact@virtualrealityoasis.com Website……….www.virtualrealityoasis.com #VR #VirtualReality #OculusRift #OculusGo