Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Final Boss Fight Naruto vs. Sasuke & Game Ending (S Rank)

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Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 – Final Boss Fight Naruto vs. Sasuke & Game Ending (S Rank) Completing the final chapter with S Rank unlocks “The Last Man Standing” trophy / achievement. All S ranks are based on health. left at the end of the battle And the number of stars you get during QTE, you must have the first health bar remaining more than 90% and get all QTE stars for S rank. There are two battle parts counted for this (3:58-5:17 & 15. :05-22:00) The rest is just cutscenes and the game is over. The best way to get an S rank is to use the chakra dash and do a combo. Press L2 (PS4) / LT (XB1) to instantly evade enemy attacks. During QTEs, just press all the buttons quickly and you’ll get it. 100% stars easily. You don’t need to finish two battles in a row with S rank, can be selected individually from storyboard. Subscribe: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ Follow PowerPyx: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~ ____________________________________ Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Trophies and Achievements: Perfect Storm Master received all trophies. The chain of battle completes the creation chapter. Different paths have completed the chapters of two unrivaled warriors. The never-ending threat completed the chapter of the United Front, the Severe Goddess Sealing. Clear the chapter of the final confrontation. bond recovery Clear the chapter of a new life to a bitter end. finished “Creative Match” with S rank Revealed, “Behind the Mask” completed with S rank, Team Minato battles completed “The Boys’ Battlefield (Part 1)” with S rank Duo Unstoppable Completed ” The Boys’ Battlefield (Part 2)” With S-Rank Awakening in Darkness Completed “In Hell” with an S-rank above one Grandmaster did. “Side Story – Dark Dark World” with S rank finishes the fierce battle. “More intense battle” with S rank Orochimaru overtakes “The Taka Flies Again” with Victor’s S rank showdown. “Those Who Knows All” With S-Rank Taka Flies Complete “To Battlefield” With S-Rank Ten-Tailed Puppets Finish “Ten Tails Roar” With S-Rank The Three-Way Deadlock Unleashed Complete “Team 7 United” with an S rank, the lightning sword slashed the finishing friend. “Battle across time and space” with S rank Stand against the threat “The Ten Tails Jinchuriki” with S rank Agony and the Future Complete “Side Story – Battle of the Incestors” with S rank Achieve light. “Fill the Hole of the Heart” with an S-Rank Fist of Evil. “Madara’s Pulse” with an S-rank Ultimate Combo. Complete “Two” with an S-Rank Burning Roar of a Bloody Beast. Finish “The Crimson Beast. ” With S rank, amazing skill inherited, “Taka Soar Forward” with S rank over the cycle of reincarnation, complete “Side Story – Kabuto Man” with S rank. Madara crushes “Wind Rages, Thunder Races” with an S rank Farewell Obito, completes “Kaguya, the Violent Goddess (Part 1)” with an S rank, defeats the Goddess, also completes “Kaguya, the Violent Goddess (Part 2)”. S-rank, the last man stood up. “Naruto and Sasuke” with S rank Trail of the Gale Expert Complete all main events in “Trail of the Gale” Trail of the Gale Master Complete all sub events in “Trail of the Gale” 30 Victories in Ultimate survival! There are 30 opponents past in Ultimate Survival, abilities start Cap Survival complete! Complete the initial level of survival of all abilities. Intermediate ability hat survival Completed! Complete survival of all intermediate abilities. Advanced Cap Survival Abilities Completed! Complete survival of all advanced abilities, yes! The league begins to challenge defeat! You’ve completed all the entry-level Challenge Leagues. Wow! Intermediate Challenge League Defeated! You’ve completed all the Intermediate Challenge Leagues. Awesome! Advanced Challenge League Defeated! You have completed all the high level Challenge Leagues. Personal Strength Unleash with your very own personal Finish Cut-In. The same rhythmic dance completes the cut in with a combination of techniques or linked secret techniques. Attack is the greatest defense, complete 50 combos. Masterful strokes connect counterattacks. Full of teamwork power! Eliminate opponents during the Link Awakening. Personal Strength Maxed Out Attacks each team member’s secret technique in a single battle Unscathed wins the battle without taking damage from the outfit Perfect Win wins 3 battles without losing a single round .