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NEW AND HOT GAMES FROM Play Store, Windows Store, PC, iOS, PlayStation FREE AND PAID GAMES WITCHER PLAYSTATION WALKTROUGH 2020 FULL HD The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edition brings together the base game and all additional content released. Includes the Hearts of Stone and Blood & Wine expansions, which provide 50 hours of additional storytelling, as well as new features and new areas to expand by more than a third of the world to be explored! Get access to all additional content released so far, including weapons, armor, side missions, game modes, and new GWENT cards! All technical and visual updates are available. Includes a completely redesigned user interface based on feedback from members of the Witcher community. Become a professional monster slayer and embark on an adventure of epic proportions. With the release of The Witcher 3: wild Hunt it became an instant classic. With over 250 Game of the Year awards, now you can enjoy more than 100 hours on this massive scale. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a story-driven open-world role-playing game. which is set in a beautiful fantasy universe It’s full of meaningful choices and consequences. In The Witcher 3, you play as Geralt of Rivia, one of a group of dying monster hunters. And embark on an epic journey in a war-ravaged world that will inevitably lead you face-to-face with a darker foe humanity has ever faced – hunt wild animals, develop unique witch skills. to customize the gameplay to your liking. Hunt bloodthirsty monsters and develop your unique battle strategy. Use powerful battle magic. and slay your way to victory in a truly open world with no boundaries. Walk, swim, ride and sail. Embark on legendary quests and collect great rewards. Control: Go anywhere, do anything! The world burns down as the Nilfgaard Empire breaks through the heart of the Northern Kingdom. Geralt of Rivia is pursued by merciless enemies – Wild Hunt, the legendary parade of fearsome riders. A harbinger of devastation and destruction that could destroy entire settlements overnight. Driven by a profound personal agenda, Geralt must explore the maze of enemy forces to find and defend what is described in ancient prophecies. A world where adventure sets new standards in terms of size. the complexity of the ecosystem and meaningful nonlinearity Experience realistic day and night cycles Observe how the weather changes affect the gameplay. and conquer the lush surroundings using the mystical witch legend. Massive and limitless open world to explore Sail through the open seas, dive in search of long-lost artifacts. Or gallop your horse into battle, the world of The Witcher invites you to explore. Visit the luxurious and damaged city of Novigrad. Face the cold of the windswept Skellige Islands. and challenge the dark forces roaming the desolate and war-ravaged No Man’s Land. while on the road Use the witch’s special senses to hunt down ferocious monsters and earn gold. Do whatever you want! An unrivaled novel-like story that spans over 100 hours. With over 100 hours of main and secondary gameplay, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt combines the intense, traditional RPG pull with the freedom to choose only open-ended games. Only the world can give Improve Geralt’s skills to create a unique gaming experience. make a choice and face the consequences that will stay with you throughout the game. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s combat system is brutal, quick, and versatile. Fight enemies up close, one-on-one, or seamlessly switch from one enemy to another as you devise your own strategy to defeat countless opponents in the game. Use the crossbow to knock down the monsters out of reach. and use real-world physics as your weapon. Smash enemies, destroy walls and use the environment to your advantage. Defines a truly clear picture and sound type. Made exclusively for the next generation of hardware – PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC – The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt marks a new era in RPG visual quality. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt sets the bar for the genre. With deeply integrated 7.1 sound and stunning graphics powered by CD Projekt’s exclusive REDengine 3, RED is dedicated to gamers who want more than just boxed games, more than discs and manuals. Featuring premium items prepared by the developers of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, this edition is the ultimate answer for gamers looking to enter the Witcher universe with style.