THROUGH THE LENSES – PS4 vs PS5 – Hitman III, Blood and Truth, etc. PSVR

Hitman 3 for PS5

Here comes the new update comparison! Welcome to another video through the lens! In this video I want to show you a cross between a PS4 Pro and a PS5 that supports PSVR! Is it really different? Is it enough to upgrade your console accordingly? Let’s find out together in this video! PSVR on ps5 with my new ps4 Patreon! Become VR Techy 🙂 #PS5 #PSVR #PS4Pro Music: ► For the next video and get all the info: ► If you think it’s awesome and useful. You can help and support the channel here. (Really hard to find everything so check 😢 ): … or ► Check out everything we have to offer in the Tyriel Wood Amazon store channel: ► Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram ► and subscribe to the channel to Follow the latest news ! TYRIEL WOOD SHOP: VRCovers here: .