13 Things You Need to Know About 2-Stroke Dirt Bikes

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2 strokes!!!! Everything you need to know about 2-stroke engines is in this video from the 2-stroke king himself, Coach Cody!!! It couldn’t get any better than this. Leave more 2-stroke questions below. And we’ll make sure Cody comes back to you guys 😎 Here!!!! Merch Merch Merch!! Buy our products!!! ▶ GO GO GO! Did you know our patrons get giveaways and early access to videos like Friday Fail?? Head over to exclusive content / Q&A and more!! ▶ CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR EMAIL LIST AND GET FREE GEAR BAG LIST ▶ Use the link below and use code MXFACTORY10 to get a discount. 10% for your next order at MOTOSPORT.COM!!! ▶ Free Jumping Tips Videos ▶ Click Link Above Join our email list and receive a special video gift!! Want to come to one of our camps? ▶ Visit our website and choose our upcoming date!! Join for a chance to win a free MX factory experience!!! Free MX Factory Tour!!! ▶ The Mx Factory is the premier off-road training facility located in Austin, Texas. We teach first-time motocross riders to aspiring professional racers. We’re excited to bring our years of coaching and riding experience to YouTube to make you a better off-road rider. Safer YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBE ▶ FACEBOOK ▶ INSTAGRAM ▶ WEBSITE ▶ Drive safe and thanks for watching!! Your friends at The Mx Factory Business or Media please contact us at: mxfactory254@gmail.com ___________________________________ Disclaimer: Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous. This video was filmed on a closed course by professional riders with many years of riding and teaching experience. The Mx factory and all related personnel will not be liable for any injuries caused by attempting these techniques. Most importantly, wear safety gear, drive slowly, have fun, and consult a riding coach when needed. Bottom line, don’t be dumb.