Are Double Axes REALLY That Stupid? (Reply to Shadiversity)

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Double-edged axes/heads/bites or Labyrs or whatever you want to call them are one of the most iconic weapons in RPGs and video games, movies, and other art forms, dwarves, minotaurs, savages and warriors. other great people Loved its strong and majestic appearance. Does it make sense? Many history buffs dislike the idea of ​​symmetrical twin blades. This is different from adding a multipurpose substance such as a spike or a hammer. After a lot of it has been abandoned Then let’s take a look at what the concept of the Twin Sword Ax is tradeable? Is it completely meaningless, or maybe there are some advantages in some situations? Part 2 (Real Historical Trailer): Video I Responded to: Double-edged Axes Are Stupid! – An analysis of pop culture weapons on sharpening.” The pros and cons of one-edged versus two-edged sword. What makes swords and knives cut well (sharpness, blade geometry, etc.) *** Source/Link *** Samples from India. Large head for weight reference, 17th century large bardiche. Minoan bronze axe Double-bladed processional axe, India, 19th or 20th century Double halberd, 1600 French halberd, 17th century French halberd, 1712 Instrument information. Picture: Druss the legendary dwarf Extra serrated fantasy thingie *** Music *** Song: “Spirit Waltz” by HorrorPen Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Recommended song: “Illuminate” by Vindsvept, used with permission from the artist.” Atmospheric Synthwave Movie Trailer Music – Night Dweller” by White Bat Audio (Karl Casey) Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported — CC BY 3.0 Outro: “Highland Storm” by The Slanted Room Records, used with permission from the artist. *** Channel Support. *** Help fund future videos. GET BONUS CONTENT AND OTHER REWARDS: Books on history and/or martial arts, swords, knives, video/audio gear, etc., that I recommend (As an Amazon Affiliate, I earn commissions through these links). : United States – Canada – More ways to support your channel with shopping. Via an affiliate link: Kult of Athena, my favorite online store for historical weapons and armor reproductions, fantasy swords, etc.: Where to get HEMA gear and apprentice swords: *** Social Media & Merchandise *** CONTACT METHODS I (can not always reply Because I received too many messages): View my list of video uploads: Shirts related to the channel and other merchandise: