audap's Shantae Switch P1

Shantae for Switch

The original Shantae adventure is back! First released in 2002, Shantae is a classic action-adventure-platform game that introduces players to the fan-favorite Half-Genie heroine, her debut title, Shantae Whip. Whip, dance, and transform as she searches for the Four Elemental Stones hidden throughout the Sequin Land to stop the cunning pirate Risky Boots during her quest. She will explore a treacherous maze. Gain amazing new powers, complete mini-games, and meet friends like Bolo, Sky and Rottytops! This version of the game includes both the standard Game Boy™ Color mode and the Game Boy™ Advance-enhanced mode! Main Features: – Shantae’s acclaimed original 8-bit adventure – Now on Switch! – Use dancing magic to transform into monkeys, elephants, spiders and more! – Traveling across the holy land From forests and deserts to swamps and chilling mountain peaks! – Explore challenging mazes where fake bosses await! – Buy a variety of items and upgrade them to get new abilities! – The environment changes from day to night! – Discover secret messages! Find hidden Warp Squids and Fireflies! – Choose between the standard Game Boy™ Color mode or the enhanced Game Boy™ Advance mode. Plus Tinkerbat transformation bonus! – Updated with save status. Multiple display options improvement of control and a small art gallery!