Axiom Verge – Nintendo Switch eShop Game Worth Buying? | 8-Bit Eric

Axiom Verge 2 for Switch

Today we review Axiom Verge for Nintendo Switch. This is the action-adventure you’ve been waiting for decades. After an accident in the lab Scientists have awakened in a mysterious world inhabited by aliens. Is this a distant planet? Far future? or complex computer simulations? Venture into a huge labyrinth world to learn its secrets and reveal your role within it. Discover tons of weapons, items and abilities. Each has its own behavior and usage. You’ll have to use your wits to find them all. Fight bizarre biomegloid structures. the fall of the ancient war And the devil in your own mind. And finally, destroy the game by using bugs to damage enemies and solve puzzles in the environment. Life. Life after death. Real. Virtual. Dream. Nightmare. #switchgames #axiomverge Get yourself an ERIC 8-bit shirt! ►Support me on PATREON! ► SUBSCRIBE 8-Bit Eric ► SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL! ► DISCORD GROUP: PAYPAL SUPPORT! Want to submit a one-time entry to produce a show? Or just a virtual trick? ► CHECK MY PODCAST! ChodeCast on iTunes ► Subscribe to ChodeCast on YouTube! ► Socialize with me! 8-Bit Eric Twitter ► 8-Bit Eric Facebook ► 8-Bit Eric Instagram ► 8-Bit Eric Twitch ► Want to send me something? Please send to: 8-Bit Eric PO Box 648 Somerset TX 78069 About 8-Bit Eric: Every Nintendo Switch game will be reviewed here! Want to know if you should buy Switch games? 8-Bit Eric can help you with his playlists, Switch game reviews, accessories and more! Music: Jason Hooft Kevin MacLeod Audiomicro All images, music and videos are licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”.