COMPLETE Tesla Guide for Model 3/Y

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Ultimate Tesla Owner’s Manual for Model 3 and Model Y 2021 Sponsored: For your chance to win Tesla Model 3 and support a great cause, visit 🚘 Best Tesla Accessories: 🚙 Order a Tesla? use my link to get Free Supercharging: Model 3/Y Required Accessories: ▶ 10% Discount Tesla Floor Mats: (Use Code: ANDYSLYE) ▶ Model 3/Y Screen Protector: ▶ Wireless Charging Dock/Hub: ▶ Pad Close the console: (Use code: ANDYSLYE15) ▶ Magnetic phone holder: Tesla cleaner (Amazon) ▶ Waterless washing/waxing: ▶ Interior cleaner: ▶ Anti-dash spray: ▶ Pressure Washers: Tesla useful accessories: ▶ Spare tire (Amazon) ▶ Spare tire: ▶ Frunk luggage set: ▶ Statistics app: ▶ Geeky Tesla shirts and prints: Keep watching 👇 Features at Hidden Tesla: Tesla Model Y Review: Tesla Model 3: 0:00 Review Tesla Owner’s Manual 0:45 Exterior 5:19 Omaze (Sponsored) 06:24 Interior and touchscreen controls 10:26 30:12 35 :35 Tesla App Charge 40:11 Driving and Autopilot/FSD 🎥 My YouTube Camera Gear: Camera Gear I Use (Amazon) ▶ Camera Main: ▶ Main Lens: ▶ 4K Drone: ▶ Gimbal: ▶ Tripod: ▶ Monopod: ▶ Action Cam: ▶ Camera Mount for Tesla: 👇 Connect with me YouTube: Twitter: Instagram: Email: Tesla Model 3: Support Video: Tesla Model YS Support Video: Ordering a Tesla is easy – you can do it from your phone in less than a minute. But the only downside to this is that learning everything about the car is up to you. This can be scary because the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y is a computer on wheels. This video is the complete guide to owning and driving a 2021 Tesla Model 3 or Model Y so you can master it in less than an hour. We’ll cover the following: exterior, interior and controls, touchscreens, software, mobile apps, driving, automated driving. and self-driving (FSD) as an Amazon associate and partner for other affiliate programs. I received from qualifying purchases.