Does Layers of Fear 2 Suck? | 8-Bit Eric

Layers of Fear 2 for Switch

Today we review Layers of Fear 2, available on Steam, PS4 and Xbox One. This is the Xbox version of Layers of Fear 2, a first-person psychological horror video game. which focuses on exploration and stories #layersoffear2 #xboxone #xboxonegames Get yourself an 8-bit ERIC shirt! ►Support me on PATREON! ► SUBSCRIBE 8-Bit Eric ► SUBSCRIBE TO MY SECOND CHANNEL! ► DISCORD GROUP: PAYPAL SUPPORT! Want to submit a one-time entry to produce a show? Or just a virtual trick? ► CHECK MY PODCAST! ChodeCast on iTunes ► Subscribe to ChodeCast on YouTube! ► Socialize with me! 8-Bit Eric Twitter ► 8-Bit Eric Facebook ► 8-Bit Eric Instagram ► 8-Bit Eric Twitch ► Want to send me something? Please send to: 8-Bit Eric PO Box 648 Somerset TX 78069 About 8-Bit Eric: Every Nintendo Switch game will be reviewed here! Want to know if you should buy Switch games? 8-Bit Eric can help you with his playlists, Switch game reviews, accessories and more! Music: Jason Hooft Kevin MacLeod Audiomicro All images, music and videos are licensed under Creative Commons “Attribution 3.0”.