EVOLUTION of Shantae (2002-2020) TRAILERS: Gameboy Color – Nintendo Switch

Shantae for Switch

Shantae is a professional belly dancer. Her attire usually consists of sheer harem pants, bras and gold accessories. She has a rather slim figure. Shantae has olive/tan skin, blue eyes, and long purple hair tied back in a ponytail. Her parentage is uncertain. But it was already known that her mother was the devil and speculations were on who her father was. Throughout the series, Shantae has the ability to transform into many different things. Depending on the adventures and circumstances, she wears many different outfits. As Genie’s Protector of Scuttle City, Shantae lives in a lighthouse by the sea where she can see the ships and their incoming troubles. During the events of the first game She appears as a child at the start and is rather innocent, and her strong sense of justice also drives her to help people in need. Strong hatred of pirates, for this reason Shantae, slightly shy at first, feared the residents of Scuttle Town, who discovered her status as a half-devil. Believing being a bastard wasn’t good enough after being tricked by Risky late in the game and thwarting her plans. She overcomes insecurities and nervousness and copes with these anxieties. And glad the townspeople still accepted her, Shantae had a deep concern for her fictional uncle, Mimic. Like her friends Sky and Bolo, and by the end of the first game, she lost her chance to enjoy eternal peace in the Genie Realm to be with them. She also considers the zombie Rottytops to be her friend. Although Rotty’s attitude towards her is quite friendly. But there is more ambiguity. Because she had no hesitation in claiming that she wanted to eat Shantae’s brains (which Shantae seemed to consider a joke). In Revenge of Risky, she showed more confidence. enough to believe that she is the only one who can stop Risky Boots and abandon Mimic’s advice that Sky and Bolo should go instead. At the end of the game, Shantae is betrayed by Rottytops to Risky Boots in exchange for her brains (although Risky choose to back down from the deal) and lose her devil power. She was shown to be much less confident though. The fact that she was able to defeat Nega-Shantae, the evil embodiment of her powers. Then she was comforted by her friends. Tell her they’ll help her defend Scuttle Town. In The Pirate’s Curse, we’ll see her forming alliances with her archenemy, Risky Boots. Despite not believing her at all, during the game, however, she bonds slightly with her, asking her if “can you “join some good guys” and even saving her later? Squid Baron calls her Tom. boy at some point Shantae’s more unusual habits are revealed during game progression. We learned that Shantae accidentally destroyed the Sky’s Library Card once by gnawing it when she was nervous. And she considers herself a bad role model due to her bad temper and fashion sense. Shantae seems to have low self-esteem. (Probably tied to her magical loss.) When she was threatened with hair loss after being fired from Guardian Genie, she said, “Can’t they get my hair, uncle? That’s all I have left. !”. In Half-Genie Hero, she is tasked with protecting Scuttle Town from various threats such as the Giga Mermaid, Techno Baron, Ammo Baron, Hypno Baron, etc. It is mentioned several times that she has no idea who her parents are. there is only her mother is a devil Although she is willing to explore more of her genie side in hopes that this will bring her closer to her mother. As mentioned above She declined at the end of the first game. Genie’s proposal to stay in the Genie Kingdom And at the end of the game, Risky’s Revenge shows the distant sadness of her semi-genie nature and later her mother after losing her magical powers. It is clearly implied in the game’s events that the mysterious warrior she meets in the Village of Lost Souls is none other than her father’s spirit who entered the realm of the dead in search of his daughter and never returned. Neither Shantae. And the Warrior himself doesn’t seem aware of the possible connection. #Shantae #evoultionofshantae #shantae5 1. 0:00 – Shantae 2. 1:52 – Shantae Risky’s Revenge 3. 2:54 – Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse 4. . 4:30 – Shantae 1 Genie 2 Hero 5. 6:46 – Shantae and the Seven Sirens