How Scary is "Layers of Fear 2" Really?

Layers of Fear 2 for Switch

Layers of Fear 2 takes you aboard a ship with changing corridors, haunted puppets, various kinds of ghosts, ah, and an idiot trying to make his way through Layer of Fear 2. It’s really scary when an idiot only cares about his bathroom. Only him? Layers of Fear 2 is the current Sunday Stream game! Come join the fun on Sunday! 😀 ▶ Support-a-Creator Code ▶ Zet0rz ✔ Want more stupidity? Register here 😀 ▶ 👥 Join Discord to chat and play with us! ▶ 💬 Follow random projects and updates! ▶ (@Zet0rz) ♫ Outro music is “Level Up” by DOCTOR VOX ▶ People in this video:
[Neon Green] Put0r (me).