Is Synthetic Motor Oil Bad For Old Cars?

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Can you use synthetic oil in old cars? Can synthetic oils cause leaks? Powered by Mobil 1 engine oils – You can find Mobil 1 synthetics at a variety of retailers and service stations near you. In this video, we’re tackling the highly controversial topic of motor oil. And learn how specially formulated motor oils can help new and old engines add miles to your odometer! Can you use synthetic engine oil in older cars? Can synthetic oils cause leaks in old cars and engines? Where does the idea that synthetic oils are not compatible with older engines come from? If your car consumes a lot of oil Should you use a thicker grade of oil? Finally, when should you use high mileage oil? I spent time discussing these questions and more with Mobil 1 engineers. See all the details! #Mobil1Partner Don’t forget to check other pages. mine below! Facebook: Official website: Twitter: Instagram: Car Throttle: EE Extra: .