Jaguar Valet system secrets of XK8 XKR episode 27

Very Very Valet for Switch

How do Jaguar Valet and green buttons work? How do you turn off valet mode? Check before you use Valet mode, this is all XK8 and XKR secrets. Episode 27 Join John from ‘To the Garage’ to learn more about your Jaguar. Please note that the purpose of Valet mode is to prevent unauthorized access to the boot/trunk area. Because this is the area where the battery can be used. It’s important that you don’t activate Valet mode without going back into the trunk later. WARNING Many people lock themselves out of their boots/trunks because they don’t listen to the two warnings below the fuselage. The X100 doesn’t just contain a battery. but also like a safe And you’ll have to do a lot of damage to access it if you lock yourself out of the battery. If you only have the green key, don’t press VALET. Get the programmed Black key from Jaguar immediately. If your ‘secret’ Boot unlock keyhole doesn’t work with the black key, don’t press VALET. Edit the release mechanism in order. important .