Layers Of Fear 2 – All Puzzle Solutions & Locks In Act 1

Layers of Fear 2 for Switch

Solving all the puzzles and lock combinations in Chapter 1 – Layers Of Fear 2 – you’ll find the first lockpad combination by looking straight up from the door itself. Through a hole in the ceiling – press the switch to enter the back room. Here, use the lever on the right to control the room’s rotation until the white outline on the floor aligns with the chair’s drop. (Only by pressing the button to the left ). To the left, squat down. You can find safe combinations by going right as soon as you exit. “crouch area” when you pick up the paper It will be attached to the safe itself. More layers of fear guide! All Ending Guide: Chapter 2 All Collecting Games: Part 1 All Collecting Games: Act 2 All Puzzle and Lock Solutions: #layersoffear2 #walkthrough