Layers Of Fear 2 | En Español | Capítulo 1 "El Ícaro"

Layers of Fear 2 for Switch

* Channel Sponsor * * G2A —- * Elgato Gaming —- Facebook Gaming — Facebook — Twitter — Instagram — Terror Come back to channel with this “Layers Of Fear 2” created by The “Bloober Team” developer team, the parent of the original “Observer” and “Layers Of Fear,” we begin our journey into darkness. Traveling on the airline “Icarus” we play an actor who has to face the most complicated roles of his career. I hope you have a great time. And as always, thank you for your time. Hi everyone PaZ * IMPORTANT POINTS ABOUT MY / OUR CHANNELS * (It is essential to understand that my / our channel What it is and what it means) 1st time My Let’s Play is not a guide or walkthrough or tutorial or anything similar. They are just my experience and experience of playing and enjoying hobbies, video games … and thanks to YouTube I can share with anyone who wants to see 2 of my videos. I don’t try to teach anyone how to play. I’m just trying to make myself fun first and foremost. And everyone who watched the video had a fun time. This is pure entertainment … both for me and for you (or I try xD) 3. I play as I want. At my set speed or at my discretion, it’s my game / my game = my experience. No discussion is possible. Understand that when you don’t even think that you will be taught to play. The same thing happened to me. Don’t try to “force” me to play the way you want. Do not confuse this point with “advice”. I always remember your advice. Thank you and I will always be grateful. 4 Personally, nothing happens if at some point I miss an item, item … If I fail to complete the secondary quest. …My goal is to never finish the game 100%, I’m not an Achievement Hunter / Trophy Hunter … and the Platinums don’t keep me awake. My real goal is to have fun and enjoy the game without stressing or feeding your head… and if I “sacrifice” a small portion of the experience… it works fine. 5 left If viewing my videos annoys you, annoys you, or puts you in a bad mood. For whatever reason (for example, you don’t like the game), don’t watch the video or unsubscribe. Maybe you and my channel are incompatible. The game content has thousands of slots and you will definitely find what you are looking for! ^^ These 6 channels have only one purpose: spend time together happily. from good atmosphere and good feeling I want this to be a meeting point for lovers of this great world of video games. Leave your comments and comments whenever you want … but of course with all due respect always 7 on this channel my / our channel … I will not allow hate, disrespect or feelings. bad in any way Minimal intentions to break this unity … I will block responsible users regardless. I will not allow this channel which I try/try to be based on respect and good environment to be stained by anything or anyone. in the same way I will not allow any game spoilers. being uploaded in this channel Any spoilers will be blocked directly. I understand spoilers are another way to disrespect people who come to have fun and want to follow the story through 8º video. I will never be grateful for everything you have given me. thank you for making me happy Don’t forget that this channel… belongs to you too. Thank you for everything … Take care of PaZ Richar.