Layers of Fear 2 Gameplay in Show of the Week!

Layers of Fear 2 for Switch

Join us on Show of the Week as we venture carefully on the haunted Layers of Fear 2 cruise ship. In Layers of Fear 2, you’ll no longer be a troubled painter. But you’re a problem performer. And the layer is the layer of your character. It would make sense. Watch the first 2 hours of Layers of Fear gameplay on Show of the Week and subscribe to it every Friday! Layers of Fear 2 is now available on PS4, Xbox and PC — Official Store! Become a member of Outside Xbox! Outside of Xbox brings you daily videos on video games, especially Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. Join us for new gameplay. Original videos, trailers, shows, weekly shows, and more (ask us about anything else). Thank you for watching and excellence each other in the comments. Find us on Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: official #layersoffear2 #showoftheweek #outsidexbox .