layers of fear 2 | MAIN PATH PUZZLE GUIDE

Layers of Fear 2 for Switch

LAYERS OF FEAR 2 – MAIN PATH PUZZLE GUIDE ________________________________________________________________ ACT 1 – THE UNMOORING 1. LOCKED GATE – Random code, just look up at the ceiling. There is a crack with the code on the back. If you don’t Just turn the number on the lock until you hear a soft click. That’s the correct number. 2. Furniture replacement – Press the switch and go through the room and find the levers and buttons. The objective is to place the floating chair on a white outline by pressing a button. You have to be very precise to use it. But everything else is not complicated. 3. SAFE PUZZLE – This one should be easy. But it was a confusing pain. The game throws you a solution several times for some reason (three times!), but it’s simple. (It’s random) You have to enter the code on the safe. clockwise rotation counter clockwise counter clockwise Like a radial lock The trick is that you have to stop at each number. that is important Turn to numbers and release. and then start spinning again That’s what you have to do to make this puzzle work. 4. FILM PUZZLE – Simply loop through the film photos until you find the door. Then approach the screen and use the door! ACT 2 – THE HUNT 1. POWER PUZZLE – Remove the power plug from the wall. Then take the plug to another available plug. and press the switch! 2. FILM PUZZLE 2 – This time, turn the projector until you see a picture with lots of buttons. when you do that The key appears on a small table. beside the projector Pick it up and switch the projector to the door. with the key in hand You can just open it! 3. MATCH PUZZLE – Press two buttons to adjust the odd picture to align 4. MORE PUZZLE – turn your hand to the numbers on the clock. Press a number to add it to the little counter on the left, just a basic addition. If you go more than that, it will reset. You will need to do this 3 times; I don’t know if you have to randomize the numbers, but I got 3 numbers 8, 38, 70 5. FILM PUZZLE 3 – Just keep scrolling until you get a picture with a grid on the boy’s face . interested Because if you stop at the wrinkled face It will eventually turn black and kill you. So don’t do that. 6. ELECTRIC BATHTS – Grab the power cord from the wall and throw it in the bathtub! ACT 3 – BLOODY ROOTS 1. GOT A STEW GOIN’ – You have to collect 3 items to put into the cauldron. It’s not hard to find. There’s 1 in the room in front of you and 2 in the room to the left and right of the cauldron. that room It may look dangerous, but nothing in this area can harm you. So just grab your stuff and go back to the kitchen. 2. ACE UP HIS SLEEVE – This one is a bit weird, but it’s not hard. One dummy needs an ACE, so get one. First, you’ll need to find a necklace from your briefcase. a top hat wearing a mannequin Remove the vampire mouth paper from the statue and place it on the dummy above the bed. Then put the necklace on top of the necklace display sculpture. Do all of that and you can interact with the card house to get ACE. 3. Rocket Building – There are 3 rockets hidden around the room. One in front of a rocket launcher, one at a fireplace, and one behind a rocket launcher with a dump. Now plug loosely into the wall and insert 3 rockets to continue. ACT 4 – BREATHE 1. KITCHEN KONFUSION – This is a weird light effect puzzle that comes out of nowhere. Just look for a completely black wall. It was as if the door could go inside. then move around Puzzle until the corridor reveals itself 2. FILM PUZZLE 3 – It’s not a real movie puzzle. But it’s more of a log puzzle. Just turn the turntable’s crank until a door appears. 3. White Room – The door will rise and block your way. Just go back to the previous room and find something to interact with. Touch them and the room will begin to deteriorate. keep looking for that stuff Until the door disappears 4. FILM PUZZLE 4 – In this picture you will want to find a picture with a haunted lighthouse. Just approach the screen and you will go to the next area. 5. TV X-RAY PUZZLE – There are 2 paintings, one blushing. one page white Each person has some X-ray superimposed on it. Just switch the TV next to each picture to match the X-Ray picture and you’re good to go. Oh, and open the mouse cage.