Layers of Fear 2 for Switch

Warning: JUMP SCARE at the end of the video! ________________________________________________________________ Mystery Item #1: Chapter 2 NG+ – At the beginning of the chapter. You will reach the projector room puzzle. Ignore it and continue walking up the hall through the door. You’ll find a switch – flip it over and rush your way before the timer runs out. If you get to the other side fast enough You will be able to collect rare mysterious objects. Mysterious Note: Chapter 2 – When Crawling Through Vents You will be able to enter the additional room by turning left. Find the strange note in the bed inside Mysterious Item #2: Chapter 3 – When you reach the bush maze through the projector room door. You’ll have to progress by crouching down, don’t go — go deeper into the bush maze entrance instead to find the puzzles in the trees. You will need to clear all circles from the slots. Once all removed Objects will appear nearby Mysterious Item #3: Chapter 4 – After a key scene. You will briefly enter a cluttered dining area with a locked chest. Unlock chests by looking at the three card numbers nearby. numbers are random But there is always a mysterious object inside. Mystery Item #4: Chapter 4 NG+ – At the end of the chapter. before opening the box with your sister’s head Look in the eyepiece to the left of the large sculpture object where the little boy is sitting. Go around the room where you appear inside and adjust the rat statue so that they all look at the big rat in the center. when everything is in place SECRET CONCH SHELL – A unique mystery note – Describes how to collect the special conch shells. In the cabin, use the spy glass and look out to the horizon. Look for 42 seconds and the shell will spawn. Zoom in to collect You now have a conch shell. You can attach four mysterious objects in the cabin area. Each mystery object will appear on the display area. To ‘decode’ an object, place a conch shell on the object’s slot. Then you will hear a secret and unique recording .